We all have secrets but what if we discovered that 40 million adults and 3 million children were all hiding the same crippling problem? And no one was talking about it.

"Life Is Pain" was tattooed across a young man’s chest. What experience prompted such a startling cry for help? Rishi grew up in a home where he witnessed his mother, Diana, being abused on a daily basis. He felt powerless and didn’t know what to do. Diana wishes she could have saved Rishi from the pain. But now her son is dead.

This is the story of Diana and her children risking it all to break the cycle of violence that has devastated their family. They seek to not let Rishi’s death be in vain. But rather use the tragedy as a catalyst to create transformational change for the millions of others silenced and enslaved by domestic violence.

43 MILLION SECRETS is a groundbreaking documentary film, a social action campaign and an extraordinary opportunity to heal shattered families, break the cycle of violence in our society and end one of the most devastating human rights problems in the world today.

This project creates change by: (1) building public awareness and creating a vast grassroots network; (2) using that groundswell of support to achieve public policy changes that stop this form of silent slavery; and (3) raising resources to help families and children impacted by domestic violence.